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Gemstones XL Terrazzo White

Marvel Gemstones XL Terrazzo White is a white terrazzo porcelain tile that reproduces, with white crushed marble as background the Venetia Terrazzo. Also the different white and light grey shades evokes the beauty of classic floors in a contemporary designed floor tile. The splendid brilliance in the tiles in porcelain reproduces the luminosity of the marble inspiring them. Hence the classic influence from Italian architecture is revived by contemporary colours. With rich polished finishes a mirror effect is given to the honed porcelain tiles. Consequently luminous floor and walls with a gleaming effect are combined with precious feel of real marble with the benefits of porcelain tiles: easy to lay, maintain and clean.


  • Gemstones XL Terrazzo White Lappato

    Special Order

    120/240 (9 mm)

  • Gemstones XL Terrazzo White Lappato

    Special Order

    120/120 (9 mm)

Terrazzo Look

Marvel Gemstones XL Terrazzo White brings the elegance and prestige of Venetian Terrace to wall and floor tiles, transferring the beauty of Venetian floors to an enamel surface of extraordinary mirror-like brilliance.

Tiles For Floor & Walls

  • Rectified Porcelain
  • Shading: V2 Moderate
  • Frost Resistant

Finishes Available

  • Lappato

Sizes Available

  • 120/120
  • 120/240

Please enquire for finished sizes.


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