Evolution Marvel

Marvel XL Calacatta Extra

Minoli Marvel XL Calacatta Extra is an extraordinary range of Calacatta porcelain tiles, manufactured in very large sizes. The presence of the XL porcelain resonates with the most prestigious and natural Italian marbles. The clarity and the representation of a pure marble-look will transform an area into a supreme living space. An icy exterior is softened with sporadic touches of neutral beige alongside grey natural veining. Achieve timeless excellence, while appreciating purity beyond capabilities. This indulgent porcelain stoneware is crafted to perfection and leaves a cooling atmosphere of sophistication and class.

Minoli’s Marvel Collection is a range inspired by the most prestigious marbles of Italian tradition. Marvel has got the highest possible aesthetic and technical impact of marble-look porcelain. The excellent materials are suitable for walls and floor and come manufactured in a high-gloss Polished finish. Evolution Marvel has amplified into a collection of 32 different shades produced in a multitude of formats, inspired by and recreating the surfaces of the most sought-after marble with surprising realism. Pure colours, natural veining and transparent shading, intensifies each colour authentically and interprets the natural marble with the functionality of porcelain stoneware.




    120/240 (9 mm)



    120/120 (9 mm)

Marble Look Tile

Minoli Marvel XL Calacatta Extra is a large porcelain tile crafted to represent the most luxurious Italian marble. Designed to create an interior that will astound while providing a deluxe living environment. Sizes of the XL collection include 120×120, 120x240cm with a 9 mm thickness and 120x278cm produced with a thickness of 6 mm. These extravagant large tiles are manufactured with a high-gloss polished finish and a range of surface design patterns, creating authenticity through the collection. This porcelain stoneware comes with full body colour and is suitable for walls and floors, 120x278cm 6 mm thickness is suitable for floor in light traffic areas.

Tiles For Floor & Walls

  • Rectified Porcelain
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Wear Grade: V
  • Shading: V2 Moderate

Finishes Available

  • Lappato

Sizes Available

  • 120 x 120 cm
  • 120 x 240 cm

Please enquire for finished sizes.


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