Evolution Marvel

Marvel XL Gris Supreme


Minoli Marvel XL Gris Supreme is a collection of extra large marble effect tiles, from the ever-expanding Marvel collection from Minoli. These extravagantly sized porcelain tiles can create endless views of timeless marble-look interiors. A stone-grey tone with warming hues of beige lift the very dark tile and produces a calming but striking marble-inspired aesthetic. The intense all over veining is soften by a dull to the white and a lightness to the weight of each line. Minoli Marvel XL Gris Supreme complements, lighter colours from the Marvel range. The smoky effect is created elegantly over surfaces, transforming a room into a space of pure modernism and sophistication. Take a room to the next level with Minoli XL Gris Supreme.

Minoli’s Marvel Collection is a range inspired by the most prestigious marbles of Italian tradition. Marvel has got the highest possible aesthetic and technical impact of marble-look porcelain. The excellent materials are suitable for walls and floor and come manufactured in a high-gloss Polished finish. Evolution Marvel has amplified into a collection of 32 different shades produced in a multitude of formats, inspired by and recreating the surfaces of the most sought-after marble with surprising realism. Pure colours, natural veining and transparent shading, intensifies each colour authentically and interprets the natural marble with the functionality of porcelain stoneware.



  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    120/240 (9mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    120/120 (9mm)

Marble look

Minoli XL Gris Supreme large porcelain tiles are manufactured in sizes extravagant sizes, perfect for creating an impact. These Extra-Large tiles are produced in sizes 120/120, 120/240cm with a 9 mm thickness and 120/278cm produced with a thickness of 6 mm. XL tiles are manufactured with a high-gloss polished finish and come with a range of surface designs, providing an authentic look throughout the collection. This porcelain stoneware comes with full body colour and is suitable for walls and floors, 120/278cm 6 mm thickness is suitable for floor in light traffic areas and require precise installation methods.

Tiles For Floor & Walls

  • Rectified Porcelain
  • Shading: V2 Moderate
  • Frost Resistant

Finishes Available

  • Lappato

Sizes Available

  • 120/120
  • 120/240

Please enquire for finished sizes.


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