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A Simply Marvellous Night for Minoli

It’s that time of year again and Minoli got the festive season started with their eagerly awaited annual Christmas party and preview in central London on 1st December.

Minoli Lakestone Series

For the fourth year running, Minoli held its annual product launch evening within Home House and raised the bar with live entertainment and exquisite canapés prepared by The Home House Executive Chef and his award winning team.

The amazing Zaha Hadid designed, high-gloss bar reflected the dynamic new 2015 ranges which will soon be available for specification in the latest residential and commercial developments springing up throughout the capital and beyond.

Not to be outdone, Home House have commissioned Minoli to enhance the facilities in their public areas where the New The Evolution Of Marvel range has already been fitted in the bathrooms of the exclusive House 21.

This year an unprecedented number of  guests, almost 300,  were in attendance, admiring both the product displays and the stunning use of Marvel by Minoli at Home House. Live entertainment by the carol singers from St George Hanover Square and cabaret duo Verity & Violet got the event into full festive swing.

Singing Duo – Verity & Violet

The trends for 2015 focus on wood or luxurious marble effects with a mixture of polished Lappato or Structured finishes available. There were four exclusive new and extended collections: The Evolution of Marvel, Lakestone, Gotha and Signature on display, each presented in a variety of colours and sizes throughout out the Georgian splendour of Home House’s elegant drawing rooms and chambers.

New Minoli Evolution of  Marvel 

Managing Director, Jonathon Minoli commented, “All of the new products displayed were from our production in Italy and there is no doubt that the ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship and quality is highly sought after by developers looking to give the purchasers of their homes a stylish and high-quality product. They particularly like the New Marvel Series and the wood-effect flooring which is both warm in tone and incredibly durable.

“One aspect of the night we couldn’t have predicted was the management of Home House being so delighted with the products that they commissioned us to have the bathrooms refitted prior to the event. It was quite a challenge, however the result was stunning and there could be no better endorsement with which to launch a product!”

Attended by many leading lights in the London property scene, the annual Minoli Home House event if fast becoming a sought after ticket and is eagerly anticipated by Developers, Designers and Architects, to preview the products but also for the evening itself.

The evening was an overriding success providing a festive insight to Minoli’s exciting new offerings for the year ahead.

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Italy, Minoli, Minoli London, New ranges, 9th December, 2014

A Simply Marvellous Night for Minoli

The Fifth annual Minoli preview Held at Home House.

For the fourth year running  Minoli  held its annual preview evening within Home House and it did not disappoint. The amazing Zaha Hadid designed bar reflected the dynamic new 2015 ranges which will soon be available to be installed in the new residential and commercial developments springing up throughout the capital. Not to be outdone, Home House commissioned Minoli to enhance their facilities in their public areas where the New range The Evolution Of Marvel has been fitted in the House 21 bathrooms.


Over 280 guests were in attendance who admired both the product displays and the stunning use of Marvel by Minoli at Home House. There were four amazing new and extended collections: The Evolution of Marvel, Lakestone, Gotha and Signature displayed over two floors. Each collection was presented in a variety of colours and sizes. The trends for 2015 are centred on wooden or marble effects with a mixture of Lappato or Structured finishes available; every tile is of the highest quality. The displays were complemented by entertainment from carol singers from St George Hanover Square and cabaret duo Verity & Violet.


Managing Director, Jonathon Minoli commented ‘All of the new products displayed were from Italy and there is no doubt that the ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship and quality is highly sought after by developers looking to give the purchasers of their homes a stylistic and high-quality product. They particularly like the wooden flooring which is warm and incredibly durable. One aspect of the night we really didn’t expect was that the management of Home House would be so delighted with the products that they commissioned us to have the bathrooms refitted prior to the event, which was quite a challenge, however the result was unbelievable and what a way to launch a product!”

Minoli MARVEL - Travertino Silver

Attended by many leading lights in the London property scene, the Minoli Home House “Ticket” is fastly becoming a part of the social scene and is eagerly anticipated by Developers, Designers and Architects, bit for the preview but also for the evening itself.

The evening was an overriding success providing a fabulous insight to Minoli’s exciting year ahead.

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Minoli, Minoli London, New ranges, THE SURFACE WITHIN, 5th December, 2014

2015 Preview Evening A Tremendous Success… in fact Simply Marvellous!

The 5th annual Minoli Preview took place on Monday evening at Home House in the Heart of London’s West End.

The event attending by well over 250 guests saw the launch of the Minoli 2015 collections, including The Evolution of Marvel, LakeStone and Gotha.


Entertainment was provided by V & V as well as Carol Singers from Hanover Square, of course the excellent catering by the Home House restaurant Head Chef and his team, and Prosecco , Red and White Wine by Santone.

Verity & Violet

Carol Singers – St George Hanover Square

A full report and pictures from the night will be available very shortly…

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Minoli, New ranges, 5th December, 2014

Four Exciting Ranges, Two New Brochures

To mark the launch of four exciting new Ranges, we have prepared two new Brochures.


The first, dedicated to the launch of the Evolution of Marvel and the Second which Covers all Four new Series.

The Evolution of Marvel.

This brochure, which concentrates solely on the new items that have created the Evolution of Marvel, was sent out with the invitations to the Launch event and is a small glamorous booklet, designed to fit with the invitation package and gives a taster, all be it a detailed one of the range and options within it.

Home House 2015 Preview “Marvellous”

This year, the Minoli Home House Preview will be simply Marvellous, and the brochure we have prepared for the launch night is a full scale , luxurious publication, which features all four of the launch ranges, LakeStone, Signature, Gotha and the Main Feature which is of course – The Evolution of Marvel.

These brochures will be available upon request from Tomorrow morning, December 2nd, and guest at the preview will be receiving copies within the 2015 Preview “goody bag”.

With the ranges already in production, and some like Gotha already in stock, the series available to our clients in 2015, will be…. Well simply Marvellous!!

Evolution of Marvel Booklet (View PDF Booklet)

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Italy, Minoli, New Catalogue, New ranges, 1st December, 2014

Home House Preview….. 8 hours and counting!

Exterior 0050_prv_BW

With just a few hours to go until the Minoli Preview at Home House, the final preparation are being completed and the marketing team are getting ready to set off and prepare Number 21 for the Minoli event.

With the Marketing Vehicles all loaded , ready to go and the displays packed ready for their preview, it is both a busy and exciting time.

The Launch Brochure has arrived, Just in time thanks to Kathy at Leach Print and it features the launch ranges, Evolution of Marvel, LakeStone, Gotha and Signature, with beautiful photography.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our invited guests, but must say, admittance to Home House is strictly by accepted invitation only and the Home House door staff will be operating to the guest list.

With almost 300 people expected, and four fantastic ranges to launch, it should be a wonderful evening, not to mention the exquisite food, excellent wines, (thank you to Mr. Sardo), Carol singers and Cabaret by V & V!

VV4     verity-violet-gallery-11
Verity & Violet

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Italy, Minoli, Minoli London, New ranges, 1st December, 2014

Minoli 2015 Preview Evening …. Three days to go.

Exterior 0050_prv_BW

With only three days to go until the Minoli 2015 preview evening, the Minoli team are hard at work with the final preparations.

Mark, Richard and Bob within the marketing department are preparing the display units,which have been specifically designed for Minoli by Carmalasa in Spain to replicate the display units within the Minoli showroom in George Street W1, The Surface Within.

Sophie with help from Kathy at Leach Print is putting the final touches on the New Brochure for the night, which is in addition to the beautiful Brochure sent out with the invitations for the event. The Brochure will feature all of the ranges being launched on the night, in detail with some wonderful and inspiring images.

The Event team, Tracy and Sophie have been managing the guest list, the response has been extremely good with many potential guest asking for more than a plus one, which is almost impossible given the nature of the venue, by definition a private members club is intimate, and although on a grand scale Home House Number 21 does have limits on the number of guests allowed in at any one time.

Italian Continental have delivered the specialist Wines and Prosecco, selected by Rosario Sardo Managing Director of Italian Continental to compliment with the canapés selected perfectly, but also to be sourced from the same area in Northern Italy as the new products being previewed on the evening.

The Home House team, led by Claudia are arranging the rooms to meet our specific needs and liaising closely with Sophie, Sophie and Tracy to ensure that the final number of guests can be fully catered for.

To mark the very special launch this year – ‘The Evolution of Marvel’, the toilets and dressing facilities within Home House Number 21 have been completely refitted using Minoli Evolution Marvel Travertino Silver Lappato Polished 600 x 600. Working closely with Tony , building Manager for Home House and Joel, Operations director for Home House, Jonathon negotiated the refitting of the toilets (a project due to be carried out after the tremendously busy festive period ) to be carried out in time for the Minoli Preview evening.

Minoli MARVEL - Travertino Silver

Tomorrow, the Marketing Team will load all of the equipment and displays ready for delivery in to Home House early on Monday afternoon, with the space made available for us in time for all of the display material that has to be installed in time for when the doors open at 6.00 pm.

The Minoli team, Jonathon, Sophie, Sophie, Daniel, Darren, Tracy, Mark, Richard, Robert, Lawrence, Shaun, Gillian, Luca, Maria, Megan, David and Lucy will all be on duty awaiting to welcome our guests and present the new products, without doubt our most excited and extravagant product launch to date!

Jonathon Minoli, our managing director comments, “ this is our fourth year at Home House for the Minoli Annual Preview, and this year the team have really out done all previous events with the most fantastic displays, entertainment and refreshments, I am tremendously excited about the evening and am very much looking forward to the reactions of the first client I am able to present the new Evolution Marvel to.”

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Italy, Minoli, New ranges, 28th November, 2014

Trends for 2015

Having just returned from the Cersaie Exhibition, which is without doubt the most important exhibition in the world for tiles and bathrooms, with the world’s leading manufactures displaying products for their professional clients from around the globe.

There were some very definite trends, but they can be summed up by saying that the trend in production and new ranges for 2015 is…. More of the same.

The two big products previewed of the last few years have been “wood effect “ and “marble effect” and this year the main product launches were dramatic evolutions of these themes with advances made in size finish colour and depth of finish.

The Minoli Marvel series will be extended into 2015, with new colours and  far larger sizes such as 75 x 150.

Minoli MARVEL - Cremo Delicato

We are being asked by our developer and designer clients to provide more of the highly polished marble effect tiles, like Marvel and the new ranges we are to promote in December meet the criteria set…. to be luxurious, beautiful and practical.

The luxurious look is being achieved with these Italian Porcelain tiles, in rich colours and well as more traditional marble effect, but with the highly polished “lappato” finish.

One item, which does not fit in to this category, but has been received to great acclaim is the New Minoli Norway and contemporary look, that replicates a Terrazzo effect, with a Scandinavian appearance that is so unusual but so in keeping with the look and feel required by some developers and designers.

new range_0007_Mirage_Norr_Living_RR01_Part_07  new range_0000_Mirage_Norr_Bagno_RR01_RR02_part_02
Minoli Norway Vit RR01 60 x 60 cm, VC02758                          

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Cersaie, Italy, Minoli, New ranges, 13th October, 2014

Minoli Announces 4th Consecutive Year of Preview Events at Home House London.

Minoli announces 4th Consecutive Year of Preview Events at Home House London.

The date has been announced for the 2015 product preview evening, where Minoli will showcase the very latest ranges that will be available to our clients from the beginning of the new year, 2015.


For the fourth consecutive year Minoli have chosen to preview the new products and at the same time host the year end / Christmas party at Home House, one of London’s most exclusive private members clubs.

With previous preview locations including The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and The Complete Angler in Marlow, Home House was again selected for its outstanding features and exceptional central location, not to mention the exquisite food and high levels of service.

Preview from last year (2013) at Home House

Jonathon Minoli, Managing Director of Minoli explained “ Minoli and Home House at Christmas is becoming an eagerly awaited feature of the industry calendar, with many clients very much looking forward to the opportunity of spending time in the fabulous location of Portman Square within the historic buildings that make up Home House. This year’s preview will be accompanied by events to mark the end of what has been a very busy year and the beginning of the Christmas period. I am particularly excited about the plan for this year, not only do we have some amazing new products to launch, but the evening itself will be rather special.”

As always the event is strictly by invitation only and these will sent out in early November.

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Home House Preview, Minoli, Minoli London, New ranges, 10th October, 2014

LakeStone New Range for 2015… Preview

LakeStone New Range for 2015… Preview

Lakestone Grey

LakeStone a new and unique series to be previewed in December 2014 and available for 2015.

LakeStone, is inspired by Natural Stone, combining the technical features of fine Italian porcelain Stoneware and the natural beauty and detail of the original stones. The resulting finish is one that is both modern and traditional, practical and inspirational; suitable for residential and commercial application, where the subtle blends will be appreciated by designer and client alike.

Lakestone Tan

LakeStone is to be available in several sizes and finishes, including Matt, Structured and Lappato (Polished), form January 2015 but will be available for preview in early December.

Lakestone Sand

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Minoli, New ranges, 8th October, 2014

An Evolution of Evolution Marvel

Evolution Marvel by Minoli, has Evolved!

Minoli MARVEL - Grey Fleury

The Marvel series, part of the Evolution series by Minoli has been substantially updated and expanded for 2015.

Recently launched in Italy and soon to be previewed to our clients at the annual Minoli preview evening in London, the new Marvel Evolution colours and finishes are truly fantastic and move the range into territory previously only occupied by the highest quality natural stone and marble products.

Minoli MARVEL - Noir Saint Laurent

Shown here, only as previews, with production under way we expect to have material in stock during December , ready for the new year. With a special focus on large format tiles with new sizes of 150 x 75 cm and an outstanding variety of mosaics in matt and polished Lappato finish.

We are especially excited with the new colours and finishes, with Travertino Silver, Grey Fleury, Noir Saint Laurent (Black) and the wonderful Cremo Delicato all additions to the existing range which included Calacatta, Beige Mystery and Grey Stone amongst others.

Minoli MARVEL - Cremo Delicato

During October, preview pieces will become available and then in November as the preparations are under way for the main launch evening production pieces will start to be available for private viewing within the Minoli showrooms in London and Oxford , we hope even with a few of our leading retailer partners.

Minoli MARVEL - Statuario Select

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When I was young…this was a far simpler business!

When I was young….. this was a far simpler business!


We at Minoli are often referred to as a tile ‘supplier’ or ‘stockist’ or more commonly as a ‘distributor’ all of these references are correct, but none really encompass the role we fulfil for the factory and the client. When I was young, in my father’s time, it was a far simpler business with clearly defined roles and very little interaction between parties who were not directly working, so most of the tiles we supplied went to the end user through a sub distributor, then a retailer and often a tiling contractor, even major projects and housing developments were supplied in this fashion.


Now, working with some of the leading manufacturers in Europe, predominantly from Italy, Minoli facilitate the availability of beautiful and practical tiles directly to our client base, which comprises of House Builders &  Developers, Interior Designers, Retailers & Resellers, Architectural Practices, Automotive Design, Retail Concept Design and Private Clients working on bespoke projects.

Each year we will present the very latest trends to our clients, from the Cersaie product launch which we then preview in the Autumn in London. This enables our clients access to the very latest and most innovative design collections, here in the United Kingdom immediately after launch in Italy.


Our stock holding is considered second to none, with very large modern storage facilities conveniently located in Oxford for distribution nationwide, although we predominantly work with clients based in London and the South East. Ranges are held in Stock and are delivered out to the locations of our clients choosing, either to the site directly or to a logistic centre, showroom or office facility.

Making access and delivery simple  for our clients and in turn their clients of what are exceptional products, that are not normally stocked in the UK , nor promoted and sampled to the extent Minoli are able to.

With brochures, literature, samples, showrooms (Oxford and London), retail partners, web presence and our own distribution fleet, Minoli are the only all-encompassing supplier for the professional client and its no surprise that we have been voted as the best distributor award – Excellence in Tile Distribution by The Tile Association (TTA) for four consecutive years, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Minoli bringing the world’s best  to you…

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Cersaie, Italy, Minoli, Minoli London, New ranges, 3rd October, 2014

Cersaie Italy 2014


Jonathon Minoli, our managing director has just returned from the Bologna Tile exhibition “Cersaie” and is exceptionally excited about the ranges we will be introducing into our product offering for 2015, scheduled to be previewed in December 2014.

“It is always a pleasure to return to Bologna, like many people within this industry my body clock seems to know when it is time to head for Heathrow and take the two hour flight to the wonderful medieval city that is Bologna. I have been travelling to Bologna for the Exhibition for many years, this Cersaie was either my 24th or 25th, I really can’t recall which, my father had attended the very first Cersaie and the fair that preceded it which I believe was simply called “Saie.

“Each year there tends to be a theme, and over the years that I have been attending I have seen some very strange and quite outrageous future trends, some of which have come to nothing and some really were the new best thing in the industry – tile to look like wood, that will never catch on! This year the trend that we noticed most was the gentle evolution of the existing fashions into bigger and more elaborate versions of the originals. Wood effect is again a feature of the trends, with lengths of these planks getting longer and if anything even more natural than the wood it is based upon. Marble, or marble effect, where polished or matt porcelain is produced to offer every component of the aesthetic beauty of a natural stone, but with the technical characteristic and  abilities of porcelain.

“The Marvel series has been expanded and developed for 2015 to a range of exceptional characteristics with not only new colours but also new sizes, added to mosaics newly designed to complement all of the base tiles, the range now has no equal in tile, porcelain tile or even the original natural stones from which it is based.

New Marvel Noir!

“For the coming year, 2015 , Minoli will be launching  ranges that encompass all of the trends set in Cersaie, with an extension and re launch of the Minoli Evolution Marvel series, additions to Etic, Axis and Travelling Wood effect series and completely new ranges such as LakeStone a remarkable range than replicates stones not often produced in porcelain tile, with large sizes and polished or satin surfaces.

New Range – LakeStone!

“The exhibition was generally quite busy, though I often wonder how many of the visitors are actually there for business, I suspect if all of the people within the centre were analysed it would be quite horrifying as to just how many are actual decision makers and buyers, probably not very many at all, I will be surprised if that survey is ever carried out! The attitude of almost every person I met was positive, which given that most of the material we have produced is from Italian sources is a little surprising. Italy is in a terrible mess financially and there upbeat approach is quite admirable given the dire situation of the economy. An excellent article recently written by Roger Bootle of Capital Economics in which he talks about how, in his considered opinion the Euro has been a very bad thing for Italy and that the only option is for with drawl from the currency and that is only a matter of time. A link to the article can be seen Here, Roger Bootle is Managing Director of Capital Economics.

“There is something else about this exhibition, which is quite unique I feel amongst trade shows, the location in Bologna seems to bring out the best in people and you will often see those that spend all year in ferocious competition sharing a drink in the famous cocktail bar of the Majestic – Baglioni Hotel, or at the very least sharing the same space.  I often think that this is a form of neutral territory or even holy ground where the differences and the need to compete are put to one side in a city that welcomes the tile industry like no other.

“This years Cersaie has like many before it given us inspiration and new products to ensure that 2015 will be for our clients just as dynamic and on trend as it should be and full details of these new ranges will be forth coming in the next few weeks, with the main product preview set for early December.

As for Cersaie of the future…. Well we have already booked our rooms for 2015!”

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Cersaie, Minoli, New ranges, Press, 30th September, 2014

New Variations on a New Theme

Cersaie 2015 , due for launch in December 2014.

The theme, if there was one at the Cersaie Show this year, was variations from the previous year, large size polished “Marble” and wood effect tiles.

With the size increasing, especially the length of the wood effect tiles and the overall dimension of the Marble products, the sheer scale of the new products is nothing short of inspiring.

We are very excited about the new variations of the Marvel Collection that we will be introducing at the end of the year ready for 2015, as well as brand new series, such as Lakestone and Thames.


New Marvel colours!

New Lakestone Series with a variety of finishes

Existing ranges will be built upon, such as Seastone, that has more colour variations available for the new season.

This is all on top of the collections still being launched for 2014, such as Four Seasons One mosaic and the availability of many of our ranges in the new exterior format of 600 x 600 x 20 mm.

Details of the new collections and additions will follow.

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Cersaie, Italy, New ranges, 30th September, 2014

Minoli Team in Cersaie

The Minoli Team – Jonathon, Daniel, Darren and Sophie were present at the annual Tile Exhibition in Northern Italy.

photo 2   photo 1
From left to right – Daniel, Jonathon and Darren           Sophie, Jonathon

Cersaie, located in the beautiful city of Bologna is the leading tile, bathroom and surfaces exhibition in Europe and probably the western world, with industry specialist exhibiting and attending from every corner of the globe.

The team are always looking to extend our product offering and ensure that Minoli offers its clients the very latest and most up to date ranges as soon as is possible straight after the exhibition.

Jonathon Minoli, Managing director of Minoli commented “ we are again delighted with the success of this trip to Bologna and will be preparing the ranges selected for our now annual preview launch in London (Home House – Portman Square, scheduled for December 1st). The new ranges are quite outstanding and we are truly delighted and quite excited about what will be available to our clients for 2015”.

Daniel, Sophie and Darren

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Cersaie, Italy, Minoli, Minoli London, New ranges, 29th September, 2014

September – The Year Begins

For Minoli each year has always led up to our very busy period starting in September. No matter how busy or quiet a year has been, the months of September, October and November are always the ones that have the most activity and sometimes December as well.

September really signals the start of “The Season” where we see a dramatic upturn in orders and activities. September also sees the Cersaie Exhibition in Italy, where the Minoli team seek out the very latest collections ready to launch in the following year. In recent years we have sourced some truly amazing collections in Cersaie, such as Evolution Marvel, Evolution Iconic and wood collections such as Axis and Travelling. These ranges, once finalised are previewed to our corporate clients towards the end of November.

Evolution Axis – A new ranged launched after 2013 Cersaie Exhibition

October, this is the month where we see the most activity from our core client base, with developers looking to complete projects in good time for the year end, with their clients aiming to be in the new properties well before Christmas and retailers working with their clients to achieve much the same ends.

November, this is a month where the Minoli policy of keeping large stocks really comes in to its own, as shipping from the production sources becomes more compromised by the need by the transport companies to accommodate seasonal produce. The Minoli stocks are kept very high for the last quarter of the year and our ability to deliver from stock ensures our clients can finish projects. November also sees us putting the finishing touches on our new year collection and normally the preview is held.


December, often a strange month, normally with only two full trading weeks, (three this year) it can often be exceptionally busy or very quiet, there is no real pattern to this, but again out ability to deliver from stock ensures that clients in a hurry can specify Minoli to ensure the project is completed.

With the forth coming showroom re launch in George street where many of our corporate  clients will see the completed 2014 collection set out in stunning room set displays, as well as enjoy the hospitality we are know for.

The autumn product preview date will be announced shortly, with the first opportunity to see the very latest ranges from the Cersaie exhibition.

Posted by Sophie Weitz in Minoli, New ranges, 10th September, 2014

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