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Established in 1960, Minoli is one of the UK’s original tile suppliers.

When founded in London in the late 1940s, the company initially produced and installed Terrazzo, before relocating to Oxford and branching out into supplying Italian ceramic tiles.

Still run by the Minoli family today, we like to think our clients value our instinctive approach to sourcing the best products and reliably delivering them.

Our business model is based on holding all of our main product lines in plentiful stock at our Oxford-based headquarters and distribution centre, so the vast majority of our clients’ orders can be delivered within 24 hours.

Now, with the opening of our new premises called The Surface Within, in the heart of London’s West End, we have expanded to provide an even more valuable range of services to those in the area and across the South East.

The Surface Within is a logical extension to our existing Oxford operation and this new showroom and resource centre means we can offer the same excellent levels of customer service in the very heart of London as well.

Perhaps our roots influence the way we operate? Or maybe it’s just our untiring enthusiasm?

We think it’s both, with a heritage and ability that we’re proud of. In preparation for the next 55 years, we’re continuously evolving to even better meet your needs.