Company Profile


We at Minoli are always looking for people to join our team. The company generally grows year on year and we like to have people join us when we feel there is a position available or becoming available – adding capacity for organic growth.

Although we began this year looking for people to join the team, to help us continue our progress, sadly this is no longer the case.

The Coronavirus Crisis has affected almost every aspect of life in this country and around the world. We at Minoli are not immune to the changes that have been imposed by government and society and have had to adjust our strategies to reflect the world we now inhabit.

So for now, our recruitment plans are not cancelled – just on hold for a while, until the market place in which we operate shows signs of recovery.

Minoli – Established in 1960 – that makes us 60 years old… so quite established!

We are Oxford based, with offices and showrooms in London, but our business is not dependant on the local economy, as we work locally, nationally and internationally.

Minoli remains a family business and all of our staff members are part of the team.. so why not apply and join the team, Minoli – One Team.