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Marvel Grey Stone

Minoli Evolution Marvel Grey Stone Grey Marble Effect Tiles 00

Marvellous Monday Crafted from the finest Italian stoneware, Marvel Grey Stone continues to be a true favourite among designers and homeowners. Its uniform graphite grey tones with subtle white veining scattered throughout allows to create a wide range of design environments with its timeless elegance and exquisite character. Available in broad range of formats for… Read More

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Featured by Blenheim

We are truly delighted to be the first company featured in a new social media campaign by our most esteems client – Blenheim Estate. Minoli have been a supplier of ceramic and porcelain tile for many years, from a farm dairy to the visitor centre, as well as a long history with Pye Homes which… Read More

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Norway Farge – Indoor & Outdoor

Norway has been a significant series within the Minoli offering for a few years now,  recently we have added a number of additions including 20mm Outdoor options.   Recognised by its irregular blue-grey ornamental Ceppo di Gre stone effect, Norway Farge offers an elevated look of contemporary vision, which is now available from stock in… Read More

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The fleet

On a Monday morning… A sunny Monday morning in June and the fleet is about to set off. These images taken just before 7am this morning (Monday June 7th) show the Minoli fleet just about to set off with deliveries across London and the south of England. With the entire fleet now displaying the new… Read More

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Calacatta Imperiale

Marvellous Monday Marvel Calacatta Imperiale, inspired by a precious marble of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia, is distinguished by bands of gold and grey pronounced veining on a creamy, white background, this classic stone creates stunning focal point in every space. A clean white backdrop and golden undertones make an elegant and sophisticated feature for kitchen, bathrooms… Read More

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Marvel Calacatta Delicato

Marvellous Monday Brighten and heighten any surroundings with the alluring quality of elegant and classic Marvel Calacatta Delicato. Inspired by iconic and precious marbles of Apuan Alps, the Marvel Calacatta Delicato is a unique marble interpretation that forms part of the Italian artistic tradition. A warm white field clear and bright, is transparently cut with… Read More

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Marvel Absolute Brown

Marvellous Monday We are continuing to look at the fabulous Minoli Marvel series, today it is the stunning glamorous look of the Absolute Brown. Brown – never a reference synonymous with Luxury – But perhaps this is an exception. Marvel Absolute Brown is a remarkable and versatile decorative marble look porcelain tile that is sure… Read More

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Marvel Bardiglio Grey

Minoli Marvel Bardiglio Grey 04

Marvellous Monday Another Monday, another look at the wonderful – the marvellous Marvel series…   Today we dive into a beautiful blend of different shades that is Marvel Bardiglio Grey. A fluid marble surface pattern, loosely punctuated by white steaks across a smoky motion of grey drift. Delicate white array of veins grace over the soft grey… Read More

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Flux – Indoor/Outdoor

New Flux Series – 20mm Outdoor Porcelain with Coordinating indoor options. Make the most of the outdoors this summer with Minoli Flux Series – part of the Outdoor Collection. A combination of reclaimed concrete look with refractive metal sheen effect, Flux incorporates both man-made and natural aesthetic to create a modern take on a minimalist… Read More

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Marvel Cremo Delicato

Minoli Evolution Marvel Cremo Delicato Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles 00

Monday again and it is of course a Marvellous Monday!    We continue to look at the breadth and depth of the Marvel range each Monday, for Marvellous Monday. The Marvel series is inspired by the finest marbles of Italian traditional designs. Marvel Cremo Delicato recalls distinctive elegance and the subtle yet complex features of a… Read More

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Marvel Champagne Onyx

Today on Marvellous Monday we are looking at one of the cornerstone finishes within the Marvel series – Champagne Onyx – a beautifully simple and classic marble look. Inspired by alluring Italian marble, Minoli Marvel Champagne Onyx is crafted in fine Italian porcelain stoneware with great expertise and is simply ideal for a soft and… Read More

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The Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

As a mark of respect to Her Majesty the Queen, we will be adjusting our opening hours on Saturday April 17th. Oxford Showroom: 8.00 am – 2.00pm Oxford Sales Office: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm London Showroom by Appointment The Funeral of His Royal Highness Prince Philip will commence at 2.45 pm.

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