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Marvel – Crystal Beauty

Marvellous Monday Marvel Crystal Beauty, a reinterpretation of Amethyst, a precious stone with shading from the palest lilac to deep violet and warm blue hues. Interior designers, studios and architects can achieve an effect of near infinite beauty and elegance with the porcelain masterpiece that is Marvel Crystal Beauty. A look that will truly elevate… Read More

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Marvel Travertino Alabastrino

Minoli Evolution Marvel Travertino Alabastrino Travertine Porcelain Tiles 00

Marvellous Monday Grace and understated beauty make up the essence of Marvel Travertino Alabastrino. With nuances of a delicate beige hue and seams with a different depth and appearance, Marvel Travertino Alabastrino is capable of bringing elegance into any ambience. Its natural cream background with flowing layers in lighter shades of caramel, with off white… Read More

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Marvel Morning Sky

Marvellous Monday We continue our look at the Marvel series and today the bright and charming – Morning Sky.    Grey has never been so compelling. Inspired by prestigious natural marble from Italy, Marvel Morning Sky presents fluid veins, full of movement created by assemble of grey and white highlights. The silver tones fluctuate in… Read More

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Marvel Red Luxury

Marvellous Monday The Marvel Series, an amazing Fine Italian Porcelain Stoneware – that has the authenticity of natural marble – but in Porcelain! Captivating, rich deep burgundy Marvel Red Luxury set through with a contrasting white vein, this porcelain marble effect tile has been inspired by Rosso Levanto marble, a firm favourite amongst those looking… Read More

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Marvel Noir St Laurent

Minoli Evolution Marvel Noir Saint Laurent Black Marble Effect Tiles 00

Marvellous Monday The first Monday of August – and here’s hoping that August offers us a summer to remember…   “This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August: the summer’s last stand.” – Sara Baume. Marvel Noir St Laurent is a magnificent dark body marble effect tile criss-crossed by golden and… Read More

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Marvel Nero Marquina

Marvel Nero Marquina Lappato 75x150 cm

Marvellous Monday Marvel Series, the finest replication of natural Marble manufactured from Fine Italian Porcelain Stoneware. Marvel Nero Marquina is a truly elegant and sophisticated marble effect Italian porcelain – Fine Porcelain Stoneware that is ideal for any decorative statement. The magic of this intense marble is that it brings to light all its noble… Read More

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Norway Farge – Indoor & Outdoor

Norway has been a significant series within the Minoli offering for a few years now,  recently we have added a number of additions including 20mm Outdoor options.   Recognised by its irregular blue-grey ornamental Ceppo di Gre stone effect, Norway Farge offers an elevated look of contemporary vision, which is now available from stock in… Read More

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Sterling Job – for a Friday

Today Minoli driver Terry dropped by The Gherkin to deliver some Luminous Lume White brick style tiles for a project within the tower – The Sterling Bar. Rain or shine – well mostly rain it is August in England after all, the Minoli driving team are out and about delivering for our clients, across London… Read More

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Marvel Bronze Luxury

Minoli Evolution Marvel Bronze Luxury Brown Marble Effect Tiles 00

Marvellous Monday Marvel Bronze Luxury is an exceptional range of marble effect Italian porcelain tiles that reproduces the charm of the bronze marble. Its refined brown shades brings out serenity and warmth to luxury environments. The earthy colours of Marvel Bronze Luxury are a good pairing with all shades of whites, particularly with ecru, vanilla, bone… Read More

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New Displays

New displays – Minoli Oxford Nick and the marketing team have been working on new displays for the Minoli corporate showroom in Oxford. Located on the first floor (above the reception and main showroom) the corporate showroom is dedicated for the use of our designer and developer clients for specification meetings and presentations. New displays this… Read More

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Marvel Brazil Green

Brazil Green – a truly unique and stunning Fine Italian Porcelain – utterly beautiful and quietly substantial. When considering any interior design project for a stunning statement wall opt for Marvel Brazil Green. Inspired by the precious mineral Labradorite, this gloriously unique porcelain tile carries lustrous accents of emerald and golden olive greens accompanied by… Read More

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Marvel Imperial White

Marvellous Monday Delicate and opulent, Marvel Imperial White offers elegant neutral tones accompanied by illuminating and intricate veining suitable for a classic yet contemporary interior. A spectacular floor and wall covering which creates an air of radiance and translucency. Designers and Architects can embrace the refined surroundings of a project with endless depths from within the… Read More

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Marvel Travertino Silver

Marvellous Monday A design discovery – Marvel Travertino Silver; a magnificent travertine porcelain tile. Layers of silver and grey creates a striking composition softened by lighter delicate tonalities. Classic and bold, Marvel Travertino Silver integrates beautifully into contemporary interior and architectural decors. Inspired by a stone of great prestige, Marvel Travertino Silver is a symbol… Read More

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