Today’s porcelain and ceramic tiles are more durable, stain resistant and colourfast than ever. Porcelain is an extremely dense material and, with near zero porosity, the surface is almost impenetrable to water, oil and chemicals. It’s these qualities that make porcelain tiles so attractive and practical in high traffic environments such as shopping centres, retail stores, airports, hospitals and car dealerships, as well as residential homes.

In most circumstances, the maintenance required to keep your tiles looking in first-class condition is very low. If spills and dirt are cleaned up promptly and surfaces are dusted, washed or wiped down regularly, porcelain tiles will remain clean, fresh and hygienic for years to come.

Day to day cleaning can be undertaken using normal household cleaning products, a vacuum, mop and bucket or a steam cleaner, with a periodic deep clean recommended to maintain their gloss and lustre.

For further details on how to care for your porcelain or ceramic tiled surfaces, please download our Cleaning and Maintenance guide here.