Our continuous program of investment continues in 2017, with the arrival of the first of three new fork lift trucks into the warehouse.

The first truck delivered is an external road going forklift manufactured by Linde and has been purchased to assist with the increased use of the new Minoli Secure House storage facility.

Chris, Minoli Warehouse and Transport Manager commented, “I am delighted to receive this, the first of the three new fork lift trucks I have ordered. The increase demand for the facilities available within our new storage area Secure House has meant an increase in the requirement for the road going forklifts. As with all of our other fork lifts, this has been specified and ordered from our long term supply partner, Linde.”

Jonathon Minoli, Minoli Managing Director commented “We at Minoli have never been afraid to invest, even in what could be considered uncertain times, when Chris and I looked at the anticipated work load for the warehouse at the end of 2016, we decided that we would need three new fork lifts in order to be able to operate efficiently, this includes the one shown which has just been delivered and two further ones which are still in production in the Linde factory.”

With the two additional forklifts due in the coming months, together with two new Fiat Ducato Vans, one for the transport department and one for the marketing department, as well as the ongoing refurbishment program for the main HGV distribution fleet, Minoli continues to invest heavily in the equipment needed to ensure the company continues to offer truly excellent service to our clients.

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