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As part of our A Day In The Life Project, we have some more images taken first thing in the morning at the Oxford warehouse of the driving and warehouse teams arriving.

Normally in before seven, there are several important tasks that have to be carried out upon arrival.

We have a great deal of security, and one of the first tasks is to lower the security bollards, around 20 of them to allow access to the front forecourt, then we have the exit gate to open to allow the fleet to exit and get on their way to all points across the south, south east and London.

If an order needs to be amended on one of the truck, then the team will do this and get the truck on the road and the orders to the clients.

mattphoto_244_dl-21 mattphoto_244_dl-29
mattphoto_244_dl-55 mattphoto_244_dl-42


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