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Inspired by the organic pebble effect limestone of Ceppo di Gré stone, originating in Italy. Minoli Norway porcelain tiles are produced in a range of tonal shades through to a grey scale.

Minoli Norway Svart Cover 2
Norway Svart

Minoli Norway Vit, Gra and Svart are all available colours in stock from Minoli, in sizes 30/60 and 60/60. An additional two colours and four other sizes are available, including sizes with a 20mm thickness suitable for outdoor usage.

The attractive irregularity of Norway’s surface pattern creates an enticing visual for surfaces across floor and walls. Traditional Italian flooring is given a modern reinvention with Minoli Norway displaying patterns of irregular pebbled shapes. Adhering to today’s desired aesthetic of nature within the home. The appeal of bringing the natural world inside without compromising on hygiene or ease of maintenance. Minoli Norway porcelain bodied tiles are complete with smooth matt, non-porous surfaces with non-slip and easy-clean properties.

Minoli Norway VIT Cover 1
Norway Vit

Achieve design continuity throughout the home from interior to exterior with the versatility of Minoli Norway. These natural inspired man-made tiles are suitable for all types of uses, including, outdoor paving. Minoli Norway tiles are manufactured in a Matt and at Strutturato finish. Matt tiles have a smooth ‘matt’ surface, suitable for indoors, while Norway Strutturato come complete with a textural surface which provides extra grip underfoot, suitable for outdoors and in wet area.

Minoli Norway GRA Cover
Norway Gra
Norway Vit

Minoli Norway collection continues to expand with the introduction of 20mm thick paving for outdoors, these can be placed on grass, gravel, and on pedestals. The collection also including special pieces such as  skirting options and tiles for by the pool side i.e. steps and pool lip edging.“This versatility allows the collection to engage with both indoor and outdoor style, shaping a global project with extraordinary visual, aesthetic and functional continuity.”        

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