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Minoli client, Anna Rinaldi found a copy of the Oxford times, dated December 16th 1970 and very kindly forwarded it to Jonathon Minoli.

As you can see, the country was in a far different state to the one it is in now back then……. Or is it?

Well Peter Minoli obviously thought it was worth trying to attract a few clients with a special offer in the week before Christmas, with a view to clearing some older stock lines.

Although we have some members of the team here with 30 years’ service, no one can quite remember back to 1970, even Jonathon was only 2 years old then, and the company had “only” been in the tile business for 10 years, having started in 1960 (when we fully incorporated).

A few things that were in the news in December 1970…

  • Spanish Government declares 3 month martial law in the Basque country.
  • Pope Paul VI tours Asia and Australia.
  • UN General assembly supports the isolation of South Africa for its Apartheid policies.
  • Landslide in western Columbia leaves hundreds dead
  • USSR successfully lands a space craft on Venus the main Minoli tile range created by Peter Minoli was called “the Venus collection” we are not sure if that was a coincidence!
  • The North Tower of the World Trade Centre in New York is topped out at 1,368 feet, (417 MT), making it the world’s tallest building at the time.
  • Paul McCartney sues in the law courts to dissolve the partnership of “the Beatles”.
  • Polish population (in Poland not the UK) riot in protest at the rise in food prices.
  • lots of strikes, the front page of the Oxford times covers three.
  • Power cuts, the Oxford Times mentions “ No Power cuts” as a headline!

Thanks, to The Oxford Times, December 16th 1970, and Wikipedia.

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