Minoli have supplied a number of main dealer projects, such as Maranello and Ferrari North Europe, as well as many leading independents and specialists.

James Cottingham, founder and director of DK Engineering said, “We used Minoli as a result of their long-standing relationship with main dealers and their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We needed a smart but durable tile for the workshop that would match the state-of-the-art facility.

“For our offices and showroom we again needed tiles that would match the environment and meet the requirement for durability whilst blending with the traditional Victorian farm buildings that the business is housed within.

“Jonathon Minoli managed to find two very different tiles – one for the offices and one for the showroom that were both perfectly suited to each environment, together with the workshop tiles specification. Our showroom houses some of the world’s most valuable motorcars and without the floor surfaces we have, our showroom would certainly be a lot less impressive!” 

As an icon of style, luxury and speed, Ferrari symbolises Italian exclusivity, performance, design and quality the world over, and Minoli are delighted to be involved in creating remarkable environments in which to realise the Ferrari brand experience.

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