At the core of the Lexus design philosophy is a vision to be brave, different and directional. Their designs are instantly recognisable, never failing to stir emotions and inspire new ideas.

Minoli have worked with Lexus for over 25 years, since the brand first began to develop a European network, initially in the United Kingdom and then across the continent.

The Lexus brand has one of the most consistent brand identities in the world, and the tiling is a crucial part of the overall design concept. The Minoli 600 x 600mm LX Nero and LX Iconic Nero polished tiles, used throughout the showrooms, is complimented by an entire range of additional finishes for each area within the Lexus facility.

Minoli arrange for the special production of the materials required and instigate the delivery of complete dealership ‘packages’ to contractors, architects or direct to dealers throughout Europe.

Lexus cars are engineered for luxury and performance and have won numerous awards for reliability and customer satisfaction – much like the specially commissioned tiles and high service standards that Minoli provide for the brand and its retailers.

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