Minoli are delighted to supply Mercedes-Benz Vans and their extensive dealer network with specialist porcelain tiles to deliver a consistent and contemporary corporate identity throughout their retail showrooms and customer service facilities.

The Mercedes-Benz Retail Experience MAR20X is a brand image initiative, which has marked the start of a new chapter of its global retail presence. The adaptation of today’s retail network targets a transformation into a new competitive Sales and Aftersales landscape covering architecture, media, processes and dealership roles, that are designed to focus on the customer and enable Mercedes-Benz Van to make the most of its retail potential. The aim is to ensure a uniform brand experience and the highest level of quality across all products, services and sales channels.

Mercedes-Benz dealerships play a central role in making it possible for the brand promise to be experienced beyond the online world. The physical manifestation of Corporate Identity elements, brand architecture and interior fittings, precisely conveys those values which are associated with their latest products.

A striking feature of the retail design scheme is the flooring, for which premium porcelain tiles from Minoli’s specialist automotive series are specified. Within the customer-facing areas of the latest Mercedes-Benz Van dealerships, two distinct zones are distinguished, both featuring high-performance porcelain tiles with crisp rectified edges, but with very different surface designs.

In the vehicle display area, the Minoli Graphite-Grey floor tile in matt stone-effect and an expansive 60/120 format, creates the perfect stage on which to showcase the current Mercedes-Benz van range.

The client reception, consultation and hospitality areas have a lighter, warmer and welcoming floor finish, that of the Minoli wood-effect ETC Series. The linear layout of these perfectly proportioned 22.5/90 planks seemingly extends the space with the gorgeous graining and knots found in natural timber.

Within these stunning new dealerships, Mercedes-Benz Vans and their network are able to deliver an outstanding customer experience, and present their latest products to best effect including the eSprinter Panel Van, the eVito Panel Van, the eVito Tourer and the eCitan, all designed to help keep businesses moving into a fully connected, low-carbon future.

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