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The Trust series by Minoli, launched primarily for interior design has been rapidly accepted and used extensively for inside – outside projects where the same tile is required to run from the inside space to the outside space. Trust in its standard form is suitable for both applications and as the additional benefit of have special editions available for even more specific uses. Trust “Grip” is available for use in wet areas where bare feet will be on the tile, such as in  spa or swimming pool, generally in public rather than private areas. Now we have introduced Trust in a 20mm thickness, ideal for industrial and external uses.

One of our first installations with this exciting new product is in a domestic residence in the Cotswold, where the 20mm Trust, (600 x 600 x 20mm) has been used to create a terrace area in a stone walled courtyard. The owner of the property has selected Trust over a stone or paver due to its beautiful finish and durability. We also have one of London’s very top Hotels looking to specify the tile for its new roof garden development.

Trust Silver 60 x 60 cm (20mm)

Trust Gold 60 x 60 cm (20mm)

Domestic residence using Trust Gold 60 x 60 cm (20mm)


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