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Jurupa is a brand new wood-look porcelain tile range, that has now arrived into stock at the Minoli warehouse & distribution centre in Oxford. This new range is available in five refined shades with a perfect blend of cooling colours, Minoli Jurupa has been inspired by the Californian Palmer Oak.

Stock items reach lengths of 20/120 in a matt finish with an R9 slip resistance, in colours Basic, Cool and Master. These wood-effect tiles are authentic in their representation of real wood flooring, in format and surface design.

Jurupa Cool JP02 – 20/120

Jurupa Camp and Wild are also available with a lead time of approx. 10 -14 days. Other special order items include; Jurupa matt tiles in size 30/240, as well as Jurupa grip R11 slip resistance, available in 20/120.

Each piece of Minoli Jurupa wood-effect tiles are defined with authentic knot patterns, ‘split’ effect and graining. Faded tones, soften the surface of the natural wood-markings, making Jurupa a perfect solution for practical surfaces in the home.

Jurupa Wild JP05 – 30/240

Jurupa Camp JP03 – 20/120


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