Please note import lead times for special order product lines, our Non Stock Items.

The Minoli business model has always been founded on holding most of our main product lines in plentiful stock, so the vast majority of our clients’ orders can be delivered promptly from our Oxford-based distribution centre.*

Still the case to this day, of our total product portfolio of approaching 500 ranges comprising some 3,000 individual product lines, we hold approximately 75% of these in stock ready for despatch, in most cases the next day.

Assured that this Minoli in-stock ratio far exceeds the industry norm, our key clients have come to depend on our capabilities to reliably deliver from stock and help them fulfil their commitments and build schedules.

Customer preferences are however evolving and over recent months we’ve witnessed a marked increase in demand for more unique, special order, non-stock lines.

As our production plants have extended range offerings, as technological advancements make new finishes and formats possible and as residential and commercial customers make more discerning choices, so the diversity of demand increases.

Add to this the widely reported disruption from Brexit, cross border restrictions from the pandemic, an associated lack of transport resources and the traditional European summer shutdown ahead, there’s a growing need for us to work closely with all our clients to plan ahead and have realistic expectations about delivery lead times for non-stock items.

Whereas we could previously expect arrival at our warehouses within 2-3 weeks of order, for non-stock products being shipped from Italy and other European factories, we are now having to quote in the region of 6-8 weeks for delivery.**

So, to help us to help you, here’s what we’d like to suggest we do:

1. Let’s talk more often– we’d gladly schedule a planning session, in person or remote, to discuss your upcoming requirements and to help you set out the key dates for ordering within build programmes and project plans.

2. Make your choices earlier – we catalogue our product lines and categorise on price lists our stock and non-stock items. Whether aiming for a high-spec finish throughout or requiring special order tiles for feature areas, these are the product lines to prioritise so we can order upfront and soonest on your behalf.

3. Keep in touch – liaising daily with production plants we’ll update you regularly on delivery dates for your orders. Whilst the situation can be changeable, we’ll do our best to help you forecast and schedule the resources and materials you need to meet your milestones.

4. Feedback and think forwards – we do our utmost to ensure our stockholding is best aligned with our clients’ needs, but we can’t hold stock of every line. Working closely with you, if we can get feedback on your preferences and your forecasts for demand, over time we can optimise our in-stock ranges to your forthcoming needs.

Thank you for your understanding through these unusual circumstances with the pandemic and Brexit transition causing such unprecedented trading conditions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the sales office: / 01865 778225 or your usual primary contact.

*Although we continue to run a full delivery service, routes are now scheduled and next day is the norm, depending on the routing program, deliveries may not always be next day to all locations. 

**Whilst under normal trading conditions, import lead times have always been 3-4 weeks, we’re now having to quote 6-8 weeks for non-stock, special order items. We hope to be close to the 3-4 week norm, but have to say that 6-8 weeks will be likely for the time being.