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On the evening of May 4th, Paul Denning, Team Principal of Yamaha World Superbike Team gave a presentation to an invited audience at the Minoli London showroom in George Street W1.

Paul, utilising a combination of anecdotes and an in-depth technical knowledge gave a speech which was a masterclass in  how to keep an audience enthralled on a subject that many knew nothing of before the talk began.

Relaying his lifetime in the motorcycle industry  together with his current role which involves running the south coast’s most successful group of franchise dealerships as well as a championship contending world Superbike Team, Paul demonstrated how a love of your work can be truly rewarding and give a competitive advantage..

The purpose of the evening’s entertaining speech  was to demonstrate how the running of a race team which operates at events all over the world to the highest technical standards, can be an inspiration and offer direction for those of us working within more regular and perhaps less glamorous fields of expertise!

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