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2020 marked the 60th anniversary of the incorporation of Minoli & Co Ltd, although Luigi and Peter had traded for many decades before, 1960 marked the point where the company became limited and considered tile as a more central part of the product portfolio.

Peter & Luigi Minoli

For this year we had many things planned, but “the gods laugh at the plans of man” and so much of what was prepared had to be set aside due to the Covid crisis which remains ongoing…     

Today October 10th would have seen Minoli celebrate the 60th anniversary with a major event held within Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire. The wonderful people from the Blenheim Estate, Mr Roger File – Chief Operating Officer and ultimately his grace the Duke of Marlborough, had very kindly consented to allow Minoli to host at Blenheim Palace, where we would have been able to welcome friends and clients from past and present to mark this significant milestone.

Alas this was not to be, but it does not diminish our gratitude to Blenheim.   

We do of course hope to return to Blenheim and be able to realise our plans, but there is not much call to celebrate a 61st – although cancelling out 2020 is of course an option!

Perhaps next year we will be able to host one of our preview evenings, normally located in central London within the grandeur that is Blenheim…

2020 also sees a significant anniversary for Blenheim Palace as it marks the 70th anniversary of the then Duke allowing the general public access to the palace and grounds. Ever since Blenheim has become one of the most important tourist attractions within the United Kingdom.  

Again, our sincere thanks, to Minnie, Joanna, Molly and the entire Blenheim events team for all of the help and encouragement they showed us in the initial preparation…  

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