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Minoli – HR Owen, Home House Etc.

With the dust still settling in George street a week after our third anniversary evening event, Jonathon Minoli would like to thank all of those involved…

“The Minoli Supercars on George Street event was a truly fantastic evening, made possible by the dedication and hard work of all of those involved.. from Minoli the marketing and design teams, headed by Nick and Sophie, Home House, Claudia and the events team together with Adrian and his kitchen team, but special thanks must go to Owen Rothwell of HR Owen Ferrari, who agreed to participate in good faith not really knowing what to expect. Owen gave us an amazing display of cars and a first rate professional and inspirational presentation, assisted by a full representation from the Kensington HR Owen Ferrari dealership of Paddy, Laura, Emily and Sheryl. We were also supported by Rosario Sardo of ICS Santome with amazing wines for the night and Tricia and Georgie of Luxury Topping.”

HR Owen Team - Paddy, Sheryl, Owen, Emily Laura

HR Owen Team – (Left to right) Paddy, Sheryl, Owen, Emily & Laura



Left to right – Tricia (Luxury Topping), Sophie (Minoli Team), Georgie (Luxury Topping)



Minoli Team – (Left to right) Colin, Richard & Nick



Italian Continental Stores (ICS – Santome) – Rosario (Centre)



Minoli Team – (Left to right) Maria, Monica



Minoli Team – (Left to right) Darren, Sophie, Jonathon


From left to right Jonathon (Minoli Team), Andrew Henry (Andrew Henry Interiors) & Daniel (Minoli Team)

“Of course, in the three years that The Surface Within has been open, it is the support of our clients that has made it a success, for which we are truly grateful.”

HR Owen

Luxury Topping

Italian Continental Stores (ICS – Santome)

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