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The annual Italian Tile Fair “CERSAIE” has just finished in Bologna Italy and Minoli were there as usual to see all of the new fashions in tile and to prepare orders to ensure we have the very latest ranges available for our clients as we approach a new year . This year we have evidence of Jonathon being there, as one of Italy’s leading national newspapers was on hand at the show to report on the events, especially considering tile manufacture and consumption of such an important part of the Italian economy, especially in the northern region where most of the factories are located and the Cersaie show is held.

This picture show Jonathon on an exhibition stand looking at a prototype of a new porcelain, the picture was taken without his knowledge and we only became aware when a friend showed us the paper the next day, with over 80,000 visitors to Cersaie and some of them considerably more photogenic than Jon, its remarkable he was featured! (note BlackBerry in hand as usual!).

The Cersaie Fair was extremely good for Minoli and we will have some quite amazing new ranges to introduce towards the end of this year for 2013, more information and previews will follow.

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