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Nashwood Dark Oak 20/120

Nashwood – A brand new wood-look porcelain tile series, launched at the Minoli annual preview event in London that is due to arrive very shortly as a stock item for Minoli. An aged wood-look porcelain tile with reclaimed timber features through a surface of beautifully defined tones. Available as a five-colour range with a vintage, lived in feel, presented with natural wooden grains and genuine impressions.

Stock will be available in the size of 20/120 in both Nashwood White and Dark Oak Matt (R10 Slip Resistance), and are due to be readily available within the next week or two, then delivery is as always in 1–2 days.

Nashwood White 20/120

These rectified porcelain wood-effect tiles are manufactured in Italy for Minoli, all five colours are also available in a new size 18.5/150 under special order. Nashwood also comes in the Grip finish (R11 slip resistance), also special-order items in the standard size 20/120. A non-rectified version of Nashwood is available to order in size 7.5/60 (R10 slip-resistance). The special order colours and finishes have a 10–14 day lead time.

The Grey undertones throughout this wood-look porcelain tile range, give character to a space while emulating traditional wood-floors. A brass colouration transpires warmth from under the dusty washes, producing environments of familiarity and amplifying the sense of home comforts, realised with Minoli Nashwood porcelain tiles.

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