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Cosmopolitan and Jurupa

New for 2021 – Cosmopolitan and Jurupa displays in Minoli Oxford Showrooms.

Cosmopolitan Amazzonite – 80/80

The Minoli merchandising team has recently started a program of refitting the Oxford showroom displays, starting with the corporate showroom on the first floor.

The first display to be completed was of the Cosmopolitan series – Cosmopolitan Amazzonite together with the Jurupa Master wood effect floor tile. The Amazzonite is an 80/80 polished porcelain, suitable for floor and wall use, but shown here as it would be fitted to create a stunning bathroom. The Jurupa is a wood effect porcelain shown in this display in the 20/120 size. An ideal combination.

Cosmopolitan Amazzonite (Wall ) – Jurupa Master (Floor)

The Cosmopolitan Series is being expanded with new colour combinations due to be launched in March.

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