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Thorough out the summer months Minoli have continued to maintain very high levels of stock, ensuring that our clients receive there orders on time and without complications.

The summer period can always seem problematical as nearly all production in Europe grinds to a halt for an annual summer shut down, as usual this year Minoli ensured supply by ordering additional stock to cover the period fully.

As we now approach the autumn (yes sorry it is September) we are looking towards what are traditionally our three busiest months, September, October and November, where clients are working to end of year completions and domestic customers want to have the home completed for Christmas.

With the additional delivery capacity now in place, the stock holdings, already high due to the summer shut down will be increased to allow for the coming months, which even in the slow years of 2009 and 2010, were still considerably better months than average.

We feel that as the year progresses, knowing that an order will arrive on time , from stock is a great comfort to our clients, corporate, retail and contract who can confidently commit to a project knowing Minoli will be able to supply on time, to site without complication…

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