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1970, 80’s and 90’s

We continue to countdown to Thursday May 14th where we will be making a very special launch…

Looking back at the Minoli livery from the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s. 

This was designed by Peter Minoli and the use of the bold and very distinctive italic text was striking at the time, we believe it was first used in the very early 1970’s.

The design evolved over the years, with various versions of the design being used and adapted as the trucks differed in size and use. 

Circa 1998
Piccadilly Circus – 1999

The images shown here were taken in the late 1990’s – the one in Piccadilly Circus Central London was taken in 1999. Peter had always said that the company livery reflected who we were, what we did and where we came from, so Minoli – Tiles – Oxford. However as the company grew and continued to work more and more nationally, especially in and around Central London, the ‘Oxford’ part seemed slightly irrelevant, but as there was no great desire to change the livery, images were used to demonstrate the areas of the UK that we covered with our service.

At first these new larger trucks 7.5T, were Fords, supplied by Hartfords of Oxford, later the company changed to Bedford’s, supplied by City Motors again of Oxford. The trucks in these images are all Leyland DAF and supplied by Hartwell to this day we remain with an exclusive fleet of DAF built trucks.    

The Minoli fleet was always white, although when the company started they were grey, often with red writing, the clean white lines and strong black lettering stayed with the company as the primary identity for well over thirty years.

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