Environmental issues have profound effects on the living conditions of people worldwide. The water shortage in many parts of the world, cross-border pollution and rising sea levels are just a few of the challenges facing our global population.

We strongly believe that through more responsible choices customers, companies and institutions can orientate the market more and more towards the affirmation of products and services with a reduced environmental impact.

  • Sourcing from reputable sources who take environmental concerns seriously- Active policy to reduce “tile miles” by using bulk container shipments, on trains and direct services where appropriate and possible
  • Recent upgrade to larger capacity and more fuel efficient vehicles, which has reduced our fleet size and increased efficiency
  • Our fleet is “tracked” by satellite. Although this was introduced for service reasons, it has produced savings in fuel due to a reduction in miles travelled by drivers who need to operate efficiently
  • Active internal recycling policy, including the recycling of “scrap” tiles from obsolete stocks and breakages, reducing local emissions
  • Predominantly electric powered internal moving equipment
  • Modern efficient warehousing. Our buildings are relatively new, built to the latest British Building Regulations
  • Encourage communications predominantly by email, both internal and external, to reduce unnecessary print
  • Using a supply of paper with maximum available recycled content.