‘The Surface Within’ is a positioning statement, part of our brand identity that captures the way we think about the products we source and supply. For us tiles create ‘the surface within’ buildings, connecting rooms and people with working and living spaces, hence our brand signature – ‘The Surface Within’.

In 2006, Minoli embarked on a strategic repositioning of the company, reviewing how it was perceived in the market, redefining its visual communications style and relaunching with fresh, contemporary brand identity.

The bold new modern logo underlines the company’s solidity, determination for service excellence and a marked step-change in approach. The new visual style represents the aim to inspire our clients, and in turn theirs’ by offering individuality, exclusivity and innovation.

Our new identity illustrates the above using striking visuals – inspired by objects of natural beauty, with an X-ray treatment to reveal the inner surface, surprisingly made up of radiant tiles. Quite simple and effective when explained – rather intriguing when it isn’t!