Four Seasons

Four Seasons Wood

Those charming brown mosaic tiles are part of an outstanding collection of luxury porcelain stoneware mosaics. From the coming together of light and elements rich in colour comes Four Seasons, a collection of precious designed to decorate and enhance any space. Four Seasons is available in a broad range of colours: from natural hues, such as beige, white and brown, to the more elegant and precious shades of gold and silver, as well as bright and lively tints such as lilac, purple and blue. Using Four Seasons releases your imagination and creativity. Four Seasons is the perfect choice for any space: thanks to the tesserae size and as it is mesh-mounted, it can be easily installed even onto curved surfaces, to decorate the spaces in complete elegance.




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30/30 (8 mm)

Gloss / Shiny


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Four Seasons

Perfectly matchable with any material, Four Seasons brilliant surfaces, used on the entire wall or as a finishing element, decorate the walls and ambiences with elegance and character.

Tiles For Walls

  • Porcelain Mosaic Sheet
  • Thickness: 8 mm

Finishes Available

  • Gloss

Sizes Available

  • 30/30


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