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During the summer of 2011, Chris and Douglas the warehouse and transport managers at Minoli, invested in snow clearing and ice prevention equipment for the Minoli distribution center and the fleet of vehicles. With the weather having become arctic over the last week it looks as though the preparations were put in place in good time.. last week temperatures in the Oxford area ( RAF Benson)  dropped below minus 11 C and ice was a problem, especially in the mornings. The Minoli team ensured the vehicles were prepared for the cold and the roadways and yard were thoroughly salted.

With the forecast of snow for Saturday night, the team prepared the yard with grit and salt, to ensure the delivery fleet would be able to get on to the main roads this morning and  get the 100 plus deliveries out to our clients.

Each driver was issued with a special snow spade and stock of salt and grit, just in case they find more snow during the days to come.




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