In this very latest retail specification, Lotus has created a unique Hyper Space offering an unparalleled experience of the brand’s design, technology, history and product range.

Having supplied specialist tile series for a number of Lotus Centres, Minoli were delighted to provide premium porcelain products for Lotus London, as featured in this gallery. The brand’s first European flagship centre marks a milestone for the manufacturer as it transforms to a global performance brand.

This stunning facility offers visitors an opportunity to see the Eletre hyper-SUV, Emira sports car and Evija hypercar in a space that’s an extension of the same philosophy which designed these exceptional products.

The store also offers a VIP lounge and bespoke digital experience – where customers can personalise their own vehicles – with experts on hand to support them. In addition, the store acts as a gallery for the brand, regularly displaying classic car designs from its 75-year rich history, from F1 to icons of the silver screen.

The tile chosen for this latest brand-new Lotus retail specification is the Minoli Clay Series, Verve colourway, rectified Italian porcelain in the XL 1200/1200 format for the showroom and customer facing areas. Amplified by the striking black interior of the premises, these luxurious, large format tiles have a layered tone-on-tone shading and a soft sheen that makes a perfect platform on which to showcase the stunning Lotus vehicles.

In addition to Lotus Mayfair London and other United Kingdon Lotus centres, to provide consistency in the Lotus brand’s global retail representation, we are also supplying to Lotus Partner sites in Europe including Paris, Nanterre, Oslo, Bergen and Munich, as well as further afield to Qatar, Singapore, and Thailand.


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