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Marvel Calacatta Delicato Matt

Brighten and heighten any surroundings with the alluring quality of elegant and classic Marvel Calacatta Delicato. Inspired by iconic and precious marbles of Apuan Alps, the Marvel Calacatta Delicato is a unique marble interpretation that forms part of the Italian artistic tradition. A warm white field clear and bright, is transparently cut with subtle light grey veining for a sophisticated, classic yet modern design. Marvel Calacatta Delicato provides an inspiration for luxurious and contemporary interiors. Taupe tones combine both beige and grey delicate veining offering a soft and subtle approach to grand marble surfaces.

Marvel Calacatta Delicato Lappato

Available in a selection of sizes and three finishes. Marvel Calacatta Delicato is produced in sizes: 37.5/75, 60/60, 60/120, 75/75, 75/150, 120/120, 120/240 and 120/278 in a high-gloss Lappato finish. Matt tiles come complete with a slip resistance of R9 in sizes: 60/60, 60/120 and 120/120. New for the Marvel Shine collection is the Silk finish. A semi-polished look with a velvety exterior, produced in sizes: 30/60, 60/60, 75/75 and 75/150.

Marvel Calacatta Delicato

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