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White Marble Look

Marvellous Monday Inspired by the white marble of Italian artistic tradition, current Marvel Collection holds an extensive range of white marble look porcelain tiles. From purest white marble look to all unimaginable shades of white, saturated with stunning grey and gold veining; with elegant lines cascading across the surface of the tile; adding character and… Read More

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Moon Onyx

Minoli Featured-Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine

Marvellous Monday Marvel Moon Onyx is an exceptional onyx effect Italian porcelain tile. Moon Onyx is a truly remarkable reproduction of one of the most prestigious and natural Italian marbles. The delightful velvety aesthetic of Marvel Moon Onyx is enhanced by profound clarity and depth creating a perfect tile for a luxurious and serene bathroom… Read More

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Marvel Calacatta Prestigio

Marvellous Monday Marvel Calacatta Prestigio represents pure marble elegance for a refined yet impressive setting. Calacatta marble is known for its impeccable beauty and for having warm grey veins criss-cross warm white background. Golden accents compliment the greys to produce a splendid aesthetic for luxury interiors. Delicate tones over an ivory, off white backdrop reflects… Read More

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Marvel Shine

Marvellous Monday White marble tiles achieve a timeless appeal for luxury interiors. The latest Marvel range from Minoli – Marvel Shine, offers iconic marble designs inspired by Calacatta and Statuario marbles. A variety of grey and beige veining throughout the collection ensures an ideal aesthetic for each individual interior. Whether it be bold and intense… Read More

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Marvel Dream

Marvellous Monday Seven inspiring marble effect porcelain tiles in incredible colours and designs. Expanding the iconic Minoli Marvel range with additional colours and marble inspired surfaces in dramatic colours. Luxury surrounds are portrayed over durable porcelain stoneware pieces. Authenticity and clarity are seen through bold colours and vivid expressions influenced by natural marble stones. Classic… Read More

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Marvel Royal Calacatta

Marvellous Monday Minoli Marvel Royal Calacatta is an incredibe white luscious marble-look porcelain tile depicting beautiful Calacatta Oro marble. This unique porcelain tile has velvety gold highlights and delicate grey veining that cascade across the white backdrop, creating an elegant and timeless effect. Indulge in elegance and luxury beyond the imagination and create spaces of… Read More

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Marvel Edge

Marvellous Monday Minoli Marvel marble effect porcelain tiles recreate beautiful marble scenes for modern interiors. Over 30 different designs complete the Marvel range, all inspired by the most sought-after and iconic marbles from Italy. Marvel tiles produce luxurious settings for bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Transform rooms with distinctive and authentic marble effect floors and… Read More

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Marvel Carrara Pure

Minoli Evolution Marvel Carrara Porcelain Tile 00

Marvellous Monday Minoli Marvel Carrara Pure, a truly remarkable Carrara effect porcelain tile with white hue background and delicately scattered blue-grey veins. With a beautiful crisp white to grey ground colour, soft and feathery patterning makes it a true interior classic, its ageless elegant look remains a cornerstone in the design world as a highly… Read More

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Marvel Stone

Minoli Marvel Cream Prestige Crema Marfil Porcelain Tiles 00

Marvellous Monday Marble porcelain tiles from Minoli provide durable surfaces with the elegance and beauty of real marble. The Marvel range offers over 30 colours inspired by the most prestigious marbles of Italy. Marvel porcelain tile collection displays natural vein surface designs authentic to real marble slabs found in the mountains of Italy. Technological advances… Read More

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Marvel Statuario Select Bookmatch

Marvel Statuario Select Bookmatch Minoli Marvel Statuario Select, marble effect porcelain tiles present intricate and intense veining designs that are authentic to its natural marble counterpart. White marble replica porcelain tiles hold all the beauty of marble stone with the durability of porcelain stoneware. Statuario Select marble tiles are available in three finishes and ten… Read More

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Statuario Select

Minoli Evolution Marvel Statuario Select Statuario Porcelain Tile 08

Marvellous Monday – Marvel Statuario Select Returning today with Marvellous Monday with a focus on Minoli Marvel Statuario Select. A white marble effect porcelain tile with bold grey veins and distinctive marble design. Statuario Select is a popular choice for monochrome interiors and is usually partnered with a black marble look replica from the Minoli… Read More

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Marvellous Monday

Minoli Marvel Travertino Silver Travertine Porcelain Tile 01

Marvellous Monday The Marvel range from Minoli is inspired by real marbles of Italy, showcasing details of authenticity and realistic visions of elegant marble surface designs. The porcelain body offers durable and practical surfaces for both floor and walls. Modern technologies of the present day ensure the most accurate displays can be achieved using the very… Read More

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