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Marvellous Monday

Marvel Crystal Beauty, a reinterpretation of Amethyst, a precious stone with shading from the palest lilac to deep violet and warm blue hues. Interior designers, studios and architects can achieve an effect of near infinite beauty and elegance with the porcelain masterpiece that is Marvel Crystal Beauty. A look that will truly elevate interior spaces with the sophisticated and dynamic visions of crystalline shapes and deep colours that are reminiscent of precious quartz.

Marvel Crystal Beauty is produced in the large format book matched pair of porcelain tiles in 75/150cm. Crystal Beauty is an item that comes complete with a high-gloss, polished finish. This book matched marble tile can be laid in four different ways to create a continuous mirrored image of incredible amethyst designs. Marvel Crystal beauty is a full-bodied colour porcelain slab with a 9mm thickness and super high-shine gloss exterior. Suitable for floor and walls and is enhanced by a contemporary mosaic collection, including the original; Lappato Square Mosaic, as well as the more elaborate; Liberty Mosaic, Star Mosaic and the Leaf Mosaic.

Marvel Crystal Beauty Mosaico Leaf -42.3/27.2
Marvel Mosaico Star – 26.7/30.9

Marvel is stocked extensively and generally available from our UK distribution centre. Crystal Beauty is an item that is shipped to us, please allow 28 days.

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