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On the night of September 13th 2018 the Minoli team and a selected guest list celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the opening of the Minoli London Showroom.

The Showroom – The Surface Within was officially opened in September 2013, we covered the launch party in this series a few months ago…  

Located on George Street, the showroom concept was designed by MEDA. Fitted out with Disbea display units, Walter Knoll furniture and building works carried out by Tapper.

The building, which is grade II listed has a unique, yet very much a classic ‘London’ feel, with four Lion heads above the entrances (of which no one  seems to know the origin) and elegant railings surrounding one half of the showroom frontage.

The displays are changed regularly and on this occasion the new displays focused on the products which were previewed in the summer at the Garden Party evening. For this night the ranges were fully launched with Marvel Edge being the featured range.

These images show the showroom and displays on the night – before the guests arrived, along with the Minoli team and the catering staff from Home House setting up, who as ever spent many hours painstakingly preparing to ensure the event hospitality was utterly faultless.

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