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Minoli Sales Office and Administration…. And a bit of Accounts!

The Minoli office team comprises of sales, administration and accounts, not to mention the design and marketing department which is squeezed in between.

We have a large open plan office, with all departments working together, there are no partitions or “Chinese walls” the whole team are here to ensure we offer the very best possible service to our clients, and to be able to work closely with the manufacturers.

The sales office is managed by Sophie, the accounts department by David and Jonathon (our Managing Director) is in the office with the entire team.

During the day the photographer looked to catch all of us “at work” without being to conscience of him being there, easier said than done, but we do hope it captures the feel of the office on a busy day.

mattphoto_244_dl-249 mattphoto_244_dl-268

Magda                                                                                                    Sophie and Becky

mattphoto_244_dl-270 mattphoto_244_dl-395

Monique                                                                                                  Minoli Office



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