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Marvel Statuario Supremo

Marvellous Monday Today on Marvellous Monday we are looking at one of the surfaces within the new Minoli Marvel Shine series – Statuario Supremo, which is very much as it’s name implies a very superior Statuario marble effect. Marvel Shine Statuario is an elegant interpretation a traditional yet dynamic marble design. Marvel Shine Statuario Supremo… Read More

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Marvel Bianco Fantastico

Marvellous Monday Marvel Bianco Fantastico, a brilliant soft white marble porcelain tile enhanced by elegant subtle neutral tones and dramatic strikes of contrasting nero veins. This astonishing marble-look surface presents impressive sights to any commercial or residential project. The balance of colour and neutral tones of Marvel Bianco Fantastico complement precious stone accents such as… Read More

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New team Member – London

New Team Members in Minoli in Oxford

We are truly delighted to welcome a new team member to our George Street showroom. Ioana joined Minoli this week, to assist the London team in working with our clients from the interior design and housebuilding communities. With a keen interest in interior design Ioana is very much looking forward to learning about the beautiful… Read More

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Marvel Agata Azul

Marvellous Monday Another Monday – another Marvellous Monday or so we hope… At least the sun is shining! Marvel Agata Azul is inspired by and recreates with astounding accuracy an impressive gemstones Agate. This Italian porcelain tile conveys agate irregular crystalline shapes formed over millennia, often concentric in shape and in tonal contrast with each… Read More

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New Display – Venti

Another new display in the Oxford Corporate Showroom was completed this last week, Venti. The new Venti series launched as part of the 2021 preview has now come into stock. Venti is designed to coordinate with many series within the Minoli range, but especially so the Boost, as it is shown here. Inspired by traditional… Read More

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Marvel Bianco Dolomite

Marvellous Monday We continue our weekly look at the amazing range of Marble look porcelain tiles – Minoli Marvel series – today Bianco Dolomite. Create an idyllic setting with an elegant Marvel Bianco Dolomite, an intense, brilliant white marble effect porcelain interrupted by delicate shading and horizontal pale grey veining. The serene quality of the… Read More

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Marvel Grey Fleury

Marvellous Monday Create amazing interiors with the truly remarkable Marvel Grey Fleury porcelain tile. The intricate hints of white veining flowing across the warm grey surface of Grey Fleury, a marble effect porcelain tile which adds unique beauty to any interior with its grey tones and marble inspired appearance. Crafted from the finest Italian porcelain,… Read More

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White Marble Look

Marvellous Monday Inspired by the white marble of Italian artistic tradition, current Marvel Collection holds an extensive range of white marble look porcelain tiles. From purest white marble look to all unimaginable shades of white, saturated with stunning grey and gold veining; with elegant lines cascading across the surface of the tile; adding character and… Read More

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Moon Onyx

Minoli Featured-Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine

Marvellous Monday Marvel Moon Onyx is an exceptional onyx effect Italian porcelain tile. Moon Onyx is a truly remarkable reproduction of one of the most prestigious and natural Italian marbles. The delightful velvety aesthetic of Marvel Moon Onyx is enhanced by profound clarity and depth creating a perfect tile for a luxurious and serene bathroom… Read More

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Marvel Calacatta Prestigio

Marvellous Monday Marvel Calacatta Prestigio represents pure marble elegance for a refined yet impressive setting. Calacatta marble is known for its impeccable beauty and for having warm grey veins criss-cross warm white background. Golden accents compliment the greys to produce a splendid aesthetic for luxury interiors. Delicate tones over an ivory, off white backdrop reflects… Read More

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Marvel Shine

Marvellous Monday White marble tiles achieve a timeless appeal for luxury interiors. The latest Marvel range from Minoli – Marvel Shine, offers iconic marble designs inspired by Calacatta and Statuario marbles. A variety of grey and beige veining throughout the collection ensures an ideal aesthetic for each individual interior. Whether it be bold and intense… Read More

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New Displays

Norway and TwelveNoon New for 2021 – Norway and TwelveNoon displays in Minoli Showrooms The Minoli merchandising team has recently started a program of refitting the Oxford showroom displays, starting with the corporate showroom on the first floor. With the Cosmopolitan and Jurupa display complete, Nick and the team of merchandisers then progressed to the… Read More

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