Minoli import and distribute ceramic tiles from the world’s leading manufacturers, predominately from Italy and Spain, but also from Portugal. Ceramic tiles from Minoli can be found in a vast range of shapes and sizes suitable for a wide range of different domestic and commercial applications.

Ceramic tile is a generic term for a product that is produced both from a ceramic base and from a porcelain base. Porcelain tiles are available glazed and unglazed, whereas ceramic tiles are nearly always glazed. Ceramic tiles are available in many formats with the larger sizes becoming ever more popular with our developer, designer and architect clients.

Ceramic tiles have been used for literally thousands of years to provide a beautiful decorative finish that is much more durable than other natural finishes such as wood and stone.

Minoli ceramic tiles are selected for their aesthetic beauty, high quality and technical superiority. Our buyers seek out the finest tile ranges to offer an unrivalled choice, many of which are exclusive to Minoli and in plentiful stock at our Oxford Distribution centre.

Ceramic tiles from Minoli, whether classic or contemporary in design, will give you a timeless quality finish through kitchen, bathrooms and living spaces.