Minoli’s long-standing relationships with some of the most pre-eminent manufacturers in the world continues to prove a great advantage as their extensive range of floor tiles aptly demonstrates.

Quality tiles are no longer regarded as just a functional floor covering. In the end-users’ eyes they have become a design statement and today’s porcelain and ceramic finishes provide the ideal focal feature for luxury, contemporary homes, throughout bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and beyond.

Ranges like Evolution Evolve, Etic, and Stockholm embody the latest innovations in floor tile design with interesting new formats, crisp rectified edges, striking new textures and unprecedented richness of colours and patterns.

Choosing floor tiles for your home or business is also a smart long term decision. Where floors need to stand up well to day to day wear and tear, tiles are the ideal solution providing a beautiful but durable and functional finish. Using state of the art technology, today’s floor tiles are manufactured from the finest materials and fired at extremely high temperatures creating a much more resilient and impervious finish.

The latest innovations in tile production feature throughout Minoli’s extensive collections with an unprecedented choice of designs, colours and sizes. Demonstrating cutting edge technology.

The Minoli team can help you select the most appropriate floor tile for you, taking size, colour, texture, wear grade and anti-slip rating into consideration, as well as frost resistance for outdoor applications.