Minoli was one of the first companies in the UK to embrace the new technologies used in the manufacture of porcelain tiles in the 1980‘s, working closely with the leading porcelain tile manufacturers from Italy and Spain.

On a practical note, over natural marble and stone, porcelain tiles are stronger and more durable, less prone to corrosion or staining, more slip and water penetration resistant, do not require sealing or polishing and are ultimately more cost effective.

In terms of aesthetics, being man made, porcelain tiles convincingly emulate the beauty of organic stone but come in a wider range of colours, a variety of larger sizes, are more consistent in tone and texture and, as such, less likely to show wear and tear.

Most porcelain tiles are virtually free of maintenance, other than the regular typical cleaning requirements of a home, office or work place. Because porcelain is virtually impervious it is ideal for use in places where hygiene is essential, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories and hospitals.

Porcelain has very high resistance to abrasion, is not likely to chip under normal circumstances and is highly durable for commercial installations, such as car showrooms and workshops.

Porcelain tiles are the backbone of Minoli’s contemporary collections and demonstrate the latest advancements in production.