Boost Leaves

Minoli Boost XL Décor Leaves contrasts the man-made aesthetic of Boost altogether, presenting imagery of banana leaves dancing in the wind across two 120/278 tiles, that create a repeating pattern over surfaces. Leaves of beautifully painted, water colour images, evoke movement and depth to the installation. Contrasting entirely to the ridged, structure of the large, concrete effect porcelain tiles of Boost. Perfectly marrying the two scenes together in a harmonic vision for homes, hotels and restaurants.




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120/278 (6mm)

Matt / Natural

120/278 (6mm)

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Boost Leaves Decor A

NSI (Non Stock Item)

120/278 (6mm)

Boost Leaves Decor B

NSI (Non Stock Item)

120/278 (6mm)

XL Leaves Decor

Boost+ XL Décor tiles in format 120/278 with a 6mm thickness. Design to cover walls, from floor to ceiling placement. Minoli Boost+ XL Décor Leaves repeats seamlessly over two or more 120/278 tiles, Tile A and Tile B in Boost+ XL Decor comes in size 120/278 with a thickness of 6mm. These décor tiles come complete with a matt surface, rectified edges, are non-porous and hygienic. Not only are these incredible tile designs easy to clean and maintain, they provide instant style and presence within a room.

Matching all Boost colours, and many other collections as well.

Tiles for Walls

  • Rectified Porcelain
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Shading: V3 High
  • Suitable for walls only

Finishes Available

  • Matt

Sizes Available

  • 120/278

Please enquire for finished sizes.

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