Cosmopolitan Statuario Fantastico

Minoli Cosmopolitan marble effect tile range for the Minoli Contemporary Essentials collection. Offering spectacular visions and marble designs with colour, depth, and individuality. Express luxury and class while showcasing something as unique and incredible as Minoli Cosmopolitan marble look tiles.

Minoli Cosmoplitan Statuario Fantastico express monochrome linear designs. Charcoal grey veining, like ink on a page, smudged together to create impeccable visions inspired by the real Italian marble. Minoli Cosmopolitan Statuario Fantastico display intense marble looks for floor and walls.




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120/278 (6 mm)

Polished / Lappato

NSI (Non Stock Item)


120/240 (9 mm)

Polished / Lappato

NSI (Non Stock Item)


120/120 (9 mm)

Polished / Lappato

NSI (Non Stock Item)


80/160 (9 mm)

Polished / Lappato

NSI (Non Stock Item)


80/80 (9 mm)

Polished / Lappato

NSI (Non Stock Item)


60/120 (9 mm)

Polished / Lappato

NSI (Non Stock Item)

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Marble look

Minoli Cosmopolitan marble effect porcelain tiles come complete with an ultra-polished finish. Cosmopolitan tiles are available in large formats: 80/80, 80/160, 120/120, 120/240 and 120/278. Each Cosmopolitan design has a surface variation of V2 Moderate. A selection of sizes are available with 9mm thickness and an extra-large format of 120/278 is produced with a 6mm thickness.

Tiles For Floor & Walls

  • Rectified Porcelain
  • Shading: V2 Moderate

Finishes Available

  • Lappato

Sizes Available

  • 120/278
  • 120/240
  • 120/120
  • 80/160
  • 80/80
  • 60/120

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