Evolution Marvel

Marvel Gris Supreme

Minoli Marvel Gris Supreme is a smoky shade of grey marble effect tile. Influenced from the mighty Jolie Grey Marble, its fractured surface pattern is contrasted against a smooth outer touch. Strong but precious like an elephant’s tusk, Marvel Gris Supreme has an impression like no other. An ambience is created from the smoky haze and its stone exterior, compelling the audience as its masks the room in cool tones that revive and brighten.

Minoli’s Marvel Collection is a range inspired by the most prestigious marbles of Italian tradition. Marvel has got the highest possible aesthetic and technical impact of marble-look porcelain. The excellent materials are suitable for walls and floor and come manufactured in a variety of finishes, including Matt and Polished surfaces as well as Textured suitable for outdoor and wet areas. Evolution Marvel has amplified into a collection of 25 different shades produced in a multitude of formats, inspired by and recreating the surfaces of the most sought-after marble with surprising realism. Pure colours, natural veining and transparent shading, intensifies each colour authentically and interprets the natural marble with the functionality of porcelain stoneware.


  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    75/150 (9.5mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    45/90 (9mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    75/75 (9.5mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Matt

    60/60 (9mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    60/60 (9mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Matt

    30/60 (9mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Lappato

    30/60 (9mm)


  • Marvel Gold Hex Gris-Calacatta (Wall only)

    25.1/29 (8.5mm)

  • Marvel Gris Supreme Mosaico Matt


  • Marvel Gris Supreme Mosaico Lappato


  • Marvel Gris Supreme Esagono Lappato


  • Marvel Gris Supreme Mosaico 3D


  • Marvel Gris Supreme Twill Lappato


  • Marvel Gris-Calacatta Mosaico Cubes Lappato


Marble look

Marvel Gris Supreme available in many sizes from 30×60 to 120x240cm in a Lappato finish as well as Matt in sizes 30×60, 60x60cm. Marvel Gris Supreme is also designed in an array of Mosaics from minimalist squares in both Matt and Lappato, to the more striking; Esagono Mosaic in Lappato and 3D, as well as the feather-like Twill and geometric Cubes mosaic, presented in a combination with Marvel Royal Calacatta, intended for sensational feature walls. Marvel Gris Supreme has minimal pattern variation that convey subtle sheens of smoky hues. Combine with others from the Marvel Edge collection such as Agata Azul, Royal Calacatta or continue to a minimalist style and pair with Imperial White.

Tiles For Floor & Walls

  • Rectified Porcelain (Wall Mosaics: Ceramic)
  • Slip Resistance: Matt R9
  • Shading: V2 Moderate
  • Frost Resistant (Rectified Porcelain only)

Finishes Available

  • Matt (R9)
  • Lappato

Sizes Available

  • 30/60
  • 60/60
  • 45/90
  • 75 /75
  • 75 /150

Please enquire for finished sizes.


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